Fryette Power Station® / Power Load™ Speaker Cable Kit


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Fryette Speaker Cable Kit for Power Station® and Power Load 

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Hook up your Power Station® or Power Load with this pair of color-coded pro quality speaker cables.

The Power Station® Speaker Cable Kit is two (2) six-foot speaker cables with Neutrik ¼” male plugs. One cable has black shrink tubing over the plugs and the other has green shrink tubing over the plugs. This allows easy identification of the connection source of each cable.

For the Power Station®, you can use green for the speaker out of your AMP and black to go from the Power Station to your speaker CAB. This is especially helpful in clubs and studios with low ambient light.

For the Power Load you can use green for the speaker out of your AMP and black to go from the Power Load THRU to your speaker CAB. 

Each cable uses copper stranded, twisted pair conductors – each individually jacketed with an overall round jacket added for durability.  These cables are custom made for Fryette and were chosen for their transparent sound and fine build quality.


  • Fryette Design - custom made for use with the Power Station® or the Power Load
  • The “kit” is a set of two (2) speaker cables
  • Each cable is 6’ in length
  • Hand soldered, high quality Neutrik nickel-plated 1/4 inch connectors
  • Heavy duty durable PVC jacket
  • Twisted pair construction for noise rejection
  • Pure copper strands for excellent sound reproduction
  • Individually tested for performance and quality
  • Cables work with any amp that requires a ¼” to ¼” male speaker cable
  • Made in U.S.A.


Full limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser against defect in materials and workmanship through RHC.